Why Should Your Business Applications Undergo Time Travel Testing?

In today’s ever changing landscape of the technology sector, businesses need to continuously transform their IT environment, which could also help them stay competitive. There are several essential factors when it comes to this aspect of your business. These include the migration and upgrade of business information, improvement of technology related processes and practices to boost business agility, enhance productivity, and reduce expenditures.

The use of a time travel testing software helps you evaluate your applications under certain situations either on the past present or future. You may also adjust its speed capability against the pace of a standard clock. You can set it slower, faster, or even freeze the time, if needed. Time travel testing is essential if your business involves handling date and time sensitive information. You can use this test to check your month end, quarter end, and year end billing cycles. You can also use this to evaluate policy life cycles, billing, and so on.

Countless companies have been using time testing software since before the turn of the 21st century. Thousands of customers including well established companies and firms belonging to the Fortune 100companies and many Global 1000 companies have been using this software. The time travel testing software does not require any code changes when used, which makes it extremely easy to manipulate. No code alteration is required because the software is transparent to all databases and applications. Apart from that, if you use this software, the system clock stays the same, which means no changes will be made to it. It is simple to install, configure, and use. It is not complicated to use. You can time travel your application in just a few minutes after the software’s installation.

With this kind of software, testers can conduct time travel testing whenever needed without having to wait for the system, application, and database administrators. This is particularly helpful especially when your testers are working with secure environments like the Active Directory and Kerberos where making changes to the system is not permitted.

Another great advantage of using a virtual clock that is set at a future date is that it is instantly recognized by various databases and applications installed within the system. This means that expensive database and application reboots are no longer necessary. All these require days to finish therefore, using a time travel testing software offers extra hours and days of saving since the overall process has been simplified.

Apart from that, multiple virtual clocks can be used in a single shared environments, a feature that helps streamline the testing requirements. Your team of testers can use different virtual clocks at the same time in a single environment. This additional feature significantly improves the productivity of your testing team.

Keep in mind that using test or production environments are quite expensive. But since a time travel testing software permits one physical system to become several testing systems, this tool transforms one test environment into multiple ones by running different virtual clocks simultaneously.