What To Know When Finding Event PhotoBooth Hire In Joondalup, Perth?

Pictures can last a lifetime or even more. Portraits from an event at the office or at a wedding often last a mighty long time.Photo booths are becoming quite the buzz these days as it gives this fun feeling. It’s good to have some mementos of these moments that stay with us for as long as we want. And of course, it’s best to have these photos taken by professionals who can churn out quality pictures at reasonable prices.

How Do I find The Best Event Photo Booths?

Given the huge list of companies that offer photo booth services, it’s good to know a couple of guidelines that will help you narrow down your options to the best possible ones. Check out these five tips on how to get the best:

  1. Do your research –when looking for a Photobooth hire Perth it is always best to set enough time to do research. Lookup the company on the internet to know who they are. An outstanding reputation can be written on paper, but may not be the same in real life. It’s useful to read some reviews of your prospect company. Never settle for the cheapest services around as you often get what you pay for. You shouldn’t shell out either. There are companies that offer great services for reasonable prices. The thing is, they need a little bit of time to find sometimes. Also, do check their portfolio and see whether you’d still like doing business with them after you’ve seen their references of previous events.
  1. Make sure they have good equipment and quality prints–Some companies spend good amounts of money on their equipment. This is to ensure that they meet client demands. However, some skimp on the essentials and settle with subpar equipment. This results in ugly shots and below average quality photos. Do speak with the company first and check if they are using quality equipment. You can be certain about this because most companies like to lay down everything they’ve got just to get clients.
  1. Always opt for a professional-looking photo booth – while a camera, a tripod, and some on-the-go backdrops might work, you shouldn’t settle for this. Always choose a company that offers professionally made backdrops and proper equipment. Always take note, it won’t be just you seeing the photo booth, your guests will too. It helps to build a good impression for your event if the photo booth is set up in a professional and well-organized manner.
  1. Choose a more personalized photo booth experience – if you’ve ever been in an event with a professional photo booth, you’d notice that the pictures come out in either a single format or personalized. This option to have the photos personalized is quite a good feature to have.
  1. Get a clear picture of the overall cost – getting the best event photo booths come at a price. That price may be an amount that you would agree to pay for or turn around and run. When negotiating about the price, take a look back at the first four tips and get an idea of how the price stacks up to the quality of services the photo booth company is offering. Some prices may be a little higher than the other, but a little extra won’t hurt. Remember, most often than not, you do get what you pay for. So don’t always go cheap. Sometimes, it’s worth all the money.


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