Types Of Computer Maintenance

For Longer Life Span Of Computers

People invest equipments not just because for leisure activity but also for their jobs and career. Whatever purpose it may be, it has always been our initiative to protect our equipments because most of us want to maximize its life that is why it is so important to follow rules and regulations which, if handled with care will result to a longer life span of the product. Computers and laptops are examples of equipments that need regular upkeep and maintenance in order for it to function better and last longer. Like any other gadgets and technology, computers are vulnerable to different types of damages that cause trouble and problems for the users. So in order for you to avoid the burden, knowing the type of maintenance needed for your computers might be a great help.

Knowing Preventive Maintenance

The term used for a wide array of computer maintenance forms that is needed to keep a system running is called System Maintenance. There are two types of system maintenance; these are preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance. Preventive maintenance, in general is a way of keeping your computer safe by taking actions in advance before trouble or problems occur. This includes taking advance regular course of procedures, actions and a sequence of performing tasks to be able to guarantee that the system is running effectively and desirably before any failure occurs. Let us take a car as an example. In order to maintain and ensure it is in good condition and avoid any future stress and malfunctions, from time to time you need to check its parts particularly the engine, the fuel system, cooling system, the battery and other major and minor parts. In preventive maintenance of a computer, same sequence is applied. There are certain steps including system and hardware backups to prevent data loss and to copy all your data periodically to removable media devices, the installation of anti virus software to prevent unwanted viruses to invade your system. Also, the installation of Windows updates is needed because malwares and viruses can occur frequently. Preventive measures can be done without any help of an IT professional. Following steps and guidelines is essential when you do it yourself in order for you to ensure your actions will work properly for your computer. If you feel that you need to contact the help of a professional, never hesitate to ask for one because risking your computer is way more troublesome.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance refers to the series of actions performed in order to correct or repair a computer when the problem already occurred. This is done in order to identify the fault of a failed computer so that it can be restored again. Some of the actions performed in this kind of maintenance are removing unwanted viruses and malware, restoring the system, and formatting the hard drive. Corrective maintenance may sometimes be done without the need of an IT professional. However, some problems are too big to handle it yourself. That is why identifying the problem is vital for the solution, and to ensure that the proper corrective measures is done, it is best to contact an IT professional and seek for the help of IT services that are available online. However, keep in mind that seeking for a reliable service is important for you to solve your problem.