Pros And Cons Of Technology

If you will be ask to give one of the most significant change that has happened for the last 10 years, we may think of a lot of happenings over the years which cause a global effect and those that change our lives dramatically. However, the most common possible answer that we will have in our minds is the evolution of technology. Truly this change can be considered as a major change that affects people’s lives throughout the world. Whether it be a positive or negative effect. How does the technology affects our lives on a daily basis?

The effect of technology does not end with us, the humans but it has also done a great impact on our society, environment, and in science. From time to time, we became witness of how fast-growing and manipulative technology is. In fact there have always been arguments, debates as to whether its effects have been beneficial or further cause us harm. Each of us has our own opinion with this topic, however for us to be able to fully understand, we need to hear and learn both sides. The following will be a discussion of the pros and cons of technology in our daily lives.

One of the system that has benefitted most of the technology is communication. The advancement of the communication has become so huge and fast and one of biggest advancement considered is the development of cellular and mobile phones. This type of advancement continues to make a global impact in all aspects of our life. It has also been a great help for the business in fact there are lots of business that relies primarily on the use of cellular and smart phones. The amount of people who use smart phones is increasing, as well as the demands in the business world.

Medical field has also become advanced, thanks to technology. The development and innovation of medicinal procedures has increased significantly and contributes greatly to medical field over the years. Surgical procedures have been made easier and faster with the laser innovation, and many other medical devices that has been used today. These developments offer an array of comfort to many patients all throughout the world. Technology also has been a great channel for improvements in job opportunities not only because most of all businesses today used technology as the domain but it also provides massive number of career opportunities in millions of people round the globe.

On the other hand, Technology has also been a source of heated arguments and debates as to its harmful effects to humans that has been shown to us daily. Think about the people who dine in a restaurant, whether alone or with some friends, you can rarely see them having real conversation, facing their own mobile phones. We cannot deny the fact that technology makes people lazier, take students these days as an example. Provided with all the gadgets with them every day, they have relied so much on it that some might even use it by solving a simple mathematical solution.

Surely, technology has made a life changing impact in our daily lives. It makes us connected with our loved ones from afar daily, made household chores easier, provided us with job and earn a living. Thus, it will always depend on the people on how they handle everything that are connected with technology.