Kinds Of Data Storage

One of the most important thing to consider when having different kinds of gadgets; would it be computer, tablet, cellphones and the likes is the data storage. Let’s take an Apple iPhone as an example, most of us rely the back up of our files and software to a certain storage device or cloud and think it is safe and protected. The same story goes with our personal computers. You might ask how important is the data storage in our computers? Well it is indeed very vital part of the system for it provides the important role of retaining and recording all information. All components of a computer, devices and recording media is what composes the computer data storage. So without the data storage, a certain computer will not be able to function fixed operations and produce the output.

There are also different kinds of computer storage, which is unique in its own way of providing and offering users the ways of storing personal information and data. The CPU or the Central Processing Unit of the computers connects the primary computer data storage which has been considered as the heart of the computer. This primary data storage aids the CPU in performing better. The Cache memory, the main memory and the processor registers are the three (3) main or computer data storage. The first and unique memory – which is the cache memory is the data storage used by different processing units to perform better located in the internal memory. This is where most of main information the main memory is duplicated. One of the difference of cache memory is that it offers much capacity than the processor registers and it also helps storing the data quickly than that of the main memory.

Data storage in computers are measured in different terms, which you might be familiar with depending on the size of the data, these are called bytes, kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB), gigabytes (GB), and terabytes (TB). Example of files in KB or kilobytes are those user files that just needs lesser storage, like for example, when one user creates his/her spreadsheet or word documents, it could also be in the order of just a few megabytes (MB). If one user stores for example, digital photographs then it will probably stored in the size of several MB. However, if one user uses the computer to manipulate digital videos and photos at the same time, it will be in the region of hundreds of MB or few gigabytes (GB).

However, nowadays, there are different means of high capacity computer storage. One of the most common means is using the spinning hard disk (HD) drives. Other data storage are Optical storage which includes a Compact disk, a DVD, Blu-Ray disk. The Solid State Drives, Flash memory cards (in which you can use for digital cameras), the very common SD cards, USB memory sticks(which can also be called USB memory keys or USB memory drives) and Network & online Storage are the different means of storing high capacity computer storage.

As discussed above, we learned about the ways and means of data storage in our computer and other gadgets. However, safety  is one of the most important thing to consider in storing your data especially when you consider the Network and online storage.