Top ten tips on getting a great headshot

Extras' Headshots

  • Use a colour headshot, not black and white.
  • If you have an agent, it’s recommended that you use their photographer for inclusion in the agent’s catalogue and/or on their website.
  • Your agent’s photographer is probably hired for one day a year only, so make sure that you’re available for that day.
  • As most extras only have one headshot, you only get to pick one type. Choose the type that is closest to the way you normally look.
  • Choose the style and colour that you wear carefully. Pick something that is flattering on you.
  • Unless it flies against your type, smile in your photograph (you’ll be more attractive to prospective employers).
  • As extras’ headshots are often displayed in catalogues (which can only be updated once a year), try not to change your appearance during the year.
  • Extras usually don’t need to print copies of their headshot (unless you’re freelancing). So don’t waste your money by getting prints made.
  • For freelancers, your headshot prints do not need to be 8“x10” (20cm x 25cm). Roughly 15cm x 20cm is a good size for extras – although they may be smaller.
  • As extras are sometimes used for some types of modeling work, some extras get comp cards made. However, as this area is not open to every extra everywhere, discuss with your agent the value of having some made before you do.
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