Advantages Of Using LTO

Knowing LTO

Linear tape open, also known as LTO Tapes are the type of tapes that is used for data storage and a backup system instead of using spinning drives or solid state drives or storing your data in flash memory drives. LTO Tapes are mostly used by media professionals and large scale media outlets primarily to store huge amount of data storage. To cater the extensive amount of data storage, they have relied to LTO tapes also for the protection of their fast growing data storage. LTO Tapes with its lower cost compared to other data storage solutions, provides high-capacity and reliability and long-term protection of your data storage. With this, more and more people, companies and business sectors use this kind of data storage as time goes by.

What Is An Ultrium LTO & Its Performance

Ultrium LTO offers high storage capacity, steadfast reliability, easy viewing, sharing and archiving your files and fast transfer rates. The LTO-7 drive transfer rate is up to 300/sec native, 750 MB/sec compressed. This type of LTO also helps to improve productivity in your job for it provides an 87% increase transfer rate over LTO-6 drives. This LTO-& technology performance is faster compared to the disk.

Its Cost And Capacity

One of the advantages of this kind of tape technology than the others is that it is capable for archiving data in a long term period. It allows storage of 800HD movies per cartridge, offers up to 6 terabytes per cartridge native and can hold the data up to five LTO-5 cartridges. Comparing this to other tape technology, its cost is lower considering cost per gigabyte.  Also, one of LTO Technology’s edges among others is its energy-efficient method for storing data. This is because it only needs a small amount of power and there is no need to consume energy in a cartridge in a shelf. This factor is really important especially for those data storage manager since the costs has always been an important factor.

Its Compatibility

Another advantage of the LTO technology is that it is designed for interoperability unlike most propriety storage systems that offers only limited options in transferring and storing your data. The LTO format also helps you in protecting your investment and gives you assurance that it will maintain and last for a long time. Its ability to read generations back is also a unique specification of LTO technology since it is capable of providing backwards compatibility to both read and write with previous generations. In addition, LTO is also capable of an easier access of data and management which permits easier sharing of files.


Data is indeed considered as the primary resources and most valuable property of most of the business sectors particularly in different companies. So we rounded up some of the advantages of using this technology it terms of its reliability. LTO tape provides an offline protection from unwanted online corruption of the data. This will eventually result to a longer shelf-life, it is even capable of 30 years shelf life that is exactly right for long term data archiving. Its error rate is 1 bit in 1x10E19 bits, meaning its four orders better than the disk. With all this specifications mentioned, LTO surely is one of the most reliable and safest way to store extensive amount of data.